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Although specialising in events and travel Oliver is experienced in most areas of photography. Please call or email to discuss your ideas. 

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…..ARE SUBLIME!!! Have never, ever seen such good and interesting and cool and clever and happy and beautiful and moving and touching ones of us all! BRAVO OLLIE I SAY! A day he will have helped us remember for the rest of our lives….. Thrilled delighted love!


Amazing thank you so much. Just the whole service, the prints, your professionalism, they way you captured all the things i had hoped for, have been superb so thank you. The photos of the marquee at night are breath taking. And I spotted mum and dad dancing together near the end of the night but couldn't believe you had captured it!  So thank you.  X 

The parcel has arrived! Ant sent me the link to our photos and I've literally just finished looking through them. They are PERFECTION. We honestly couldn't be happier. You captured the spirit of the day so brilliantly and we are just delighted. Thank you SO MUCH. I'm lost for words to try and express how thrilled I am! If we have any friends who are looking for a photographer in the future, we will definitely send them your way, we can't recommend you highly enough.

I just wanted to say your photo service is absolutely fabulous. It goes without saying that your photos have astounded us all and we are all so thrilled by the sensational shots you took on July 14th. Thank you so much for recording so beautifully such a memorable day

Tatler - If you see Oliver at a wedding you can rest assured he’ll take a good picture of you – even if you’re scoffing a mushroom vol-au-vent when he points his camera. Looking at Oliver's website, you could be forgiven for thinking you're glancing at Bystander: Alice Keswick, Poppy Delevingne and all those shiny, happy people, getting up to all the usual fun