Fun in the sun.

In August I had a great day photographing two very different subjects. In the morning I was booked to shoot a picnic at the beautiful Charlbury House in Oxfordshire. I didn't know what to expect but as with most of these types of jobs they are always a surprise. You will see from the pictures it was not your ordinary picnic. It also helped that it was a beautiful summer day and that the birthday girl was great fun to photograph. 

After leaving the picnic I headed off on a pesonal mission to go the 30th anniversary of the Bulldog Bash. The Bulldog Bash is the annual Hells Angels festival thats held at Longmarsden Airfield. I have never been before but each year I see strings of bikes passing through the Cotswolds and as a photographer I have always thought it must be worth a visit. I arrived on my own and unsure what I might find or how I might be greeted at the gate. But a very friendly (but rather intimidating) Hells Angel, congratulated me for coming alone, knocked £5 off my ticket for arriving late in the day and welcomed me in by pointing out I now had more beer money. It was getting dark and I wasnt sure how well appreciated my camera would be so I kept it in its bag most of the time. But now I know what to expect I hope to go back next year and see if I can get some better shots.